Eco dying  ©  Amie Lock 2013

Clay placed and pressed over a bunch of Forget-me-nots | Left clay to dry and the flowers died in the process. ©  Amie Lock 2013

Breaking up flowers and mixing into the clay  ©  Amie Lock 2013
Garden Flowers Pressed Into Air Dry Clay   ©  Amie Lock 2013

Photograph of  flowers the flowers I used in my final prints ©  Amie Lock 2013

The process ©  Amie Lock 2013

Four final tiles painted white and felt backed ©  Amie Lock 2013

Tiles put into a repeat grid inspired by Kaleidoscopes ©  Amie Lock 2013

Clay Tiles put into a repeat creating the illusion of growth ©  Amie Lock 2013